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Monday, March 31, 2014

Color Swatch matching

We're back from our big trip to Albuquerque-yay! I've gotta say something… the Painted Desert/Painted Forest is AMAZING. We stopped at that national park on our way and we were astounded by the beauty - more on that later this week.


It's getting hot here in Arizona! Hello spring? With the heat, we're spending more time indoors! And need some fun activities: we pulled this fun montessori-based activity together in less than an hour! 

  • 12 swatches 
  • Cut each color into the following: 4 inches by 1.5 inches and one that is .75 inches wide and will fit on your clothespin
  • My clothespins are .75 inches and we used wood glue to stick it on.

He matched to colors right away but couldn't quite muster the power to open the clothespin.
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1 comment:

Davisaj32 said...

BRILLIANT!!! My daughter would love something like this and it looks easy enough that I might actually do it, haha. Thanks for the idea :-)

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