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Friday, March 21, 2014

Patience Booster: Get Outside!

Kids ages 2-3 need a minimum of  60 minutes of activity a day! (according to the American Heart Association). The AHA says physically active kids leads to being a physically active adult and therefore, reduces all myriads of disease predispositions. (YAY!)
Not only are there physical health benefits. I have found that Eli is happier overall when he gets some park time. He loves being at the park where he can run around free and play with other kids. Playing outside also boosts confidence and independence. 
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annie said...

Yay! I also love organized play time. There is less fighting on the playground if I bring a baseball and bat and play with them or if Shawn starts a game of tag. Did I tell you we bought our home for exactly that reason? There is a playground 20 yards from the front door, and a big grassy area. (Yards are hard to come by in Hawaii.)

Arianna Grether said...

Annie! That's so true!! Even a little organization goes a long way for kiddos. I think you may have inspired a blog post ;) I know what you mean about yards in HI. Gotta fit as many houses on the island as possible ;) I think it's great you live SOOOO close to a playground-mommy life saver!

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