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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Airplanes and Toddlers

Ok, girls… Traveling with Toddlers is seriously no simple feat. 

I'll get to it. It's super important to be brief with busy mama's. 
  1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN (pack with tot in mind, plan flights around a good family friendly schedule if possible)
  2. Dress comfy - both you and your tot
  3. Pack stuff. Lots of stuff. Your toddler's attention span is about 1-2 minutes. Plan accordingly!
  4. The best entertainment is the plane and passengers - work that angle first
  5. Talk about the flight attendants, the wings on the plane, the pilot, the other kids, the snack cookies, the fun blue chair, the fan nozzles, light button. whatever you see… Show your tot. 
  6. Our favorites to pack: glow sticks, books, stickers, coloring books, snacks (these all would last us about an hour) 
  7. Use screen time as a final treat - DONT START WITH SCREEN TIME. (the more you use screen time, the bigger fit you will get when its time to "shut it down"
  8. If your tot is content people watching, don't interrupt him. Let him soak in the awesomeness of flying - he will need your entertaining skills soon enough
  9. Try to avoid a total melt down with the Fast Food Rule
  10. Bring ear plugs for people sitting around you :)
Eli's been on 13 flights in his 2 years… it is really the best advice to just be prepared. 
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Melanie @ Happy Being Healthy said...

Wow, 13 flights in 2 years! That's amazing....for YOU and him! I haven't had to fly with my kids for a long time, but I used to quite often. We lived in New England for 6 years and flew home every summer to visit family. I used to fly out early by myself with all the kids so I could spend more time. It was always CRAZY! I used to go to the dollar store before every trip and load up on "prizes." I didn't have an ipad or a smart phone either. Oy.

Arianna Grether said...

I am impressed you made it from New England with all your kids!! That would be so tough. I was thinking about flying with more than one and my mind kinda shut down. Guess it's one at a time, eh? I'm impressed you did that for several years!! So fun!!!

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