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Monday, June 30, 2014

A low-tech Weekend Report

This last Friday, I shared with you a quote. Basically the hit-home message of the quote was that you don't want to let life pass you by, because its going to be the little things that you end up regretting NOT doing. 

So, I gave up phone time during my son's awake hours. 

I did poorly on Friday. Like, if I had to grade myself, a "D". Maybe spent a total of 10 minutes less on my phone in front of him (D for efforts rather than failing all together). 

Saturday, I did better. Played longer & silenced texts from the start. Set my phone up on the mantle or bookshelf where I wouldn't be so tempted to browse in boredom. I read cookbooks, made lists of things to do, cooked & cleaned. We even went for a 4.5 mile walk. With a pitstop at McDonalds and the grocery store. It was a great day and I felt great, living in the moment and having more detailed conversations with my family. Grading, I'd give myself an B+. 

Sunday wasn't difficult because it is the day I usually try to set electronics aside and focus on my husband and son. Although, Sunday is also my favorite day to call other family members and catch up. Yesterday, I didn't call anyone. And nobody called me either, so albeit sad, it worked out to my low-tech weekend's advantage. I'm giving myself an A for Sunday. :)

My conclusion: I felt more involved in each day setting my phone out of view and having the sounds low enough that they didn't disturb what we were doing. I've determined that there is a super fine line with smart phones'  utilization and succumbing to the device. For me, it is difficult to balance the line because once I pick up my phone I want to go through all the "necessary" apps and make sure I haven't missed anything (who am I kidding??). 

Have you tried going low-tech for a day or two (or more)? 

Were you successful? 

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