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Hi All!

Welcome to Patient Mama Diaries… a blog about my family. The blog started when my first son was in the thick of toddlerhood and I wanted to document what I found in parenting books I checked out from the library about raising toddlers.

You will find helpful patience boosting tips I came across in my book hunts. There's a tab at the top that will take you directly to some book reviews you may find helpful. The library is the best for checking out books because… It won't cost you a dime (besides the tax money you're already putting into your community).

More importantly, you'll find survival tips I've come across from actual experience. Things like airplane rides with young kids and how to survive raising toddlers in a cramped apartment. Tips for Disneyland, Disneyworld and car rides with children. We've had to travel a lot for educational pursuits and along the way have made some pretty great discoveries.

My first lil man was a pretty typical little toddler, tantrums included. He was born Feb 2012. He loves puzzles, books, tractors, animals and cars. My second lil man was born Jan 2015. These handsome boys keep me entertained and when I have time to blog my thoughts, opinions, advice you'll find it on my blog.

I'm a traveler, foodie, book worm, optimist and organizer.

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